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Shenzhen Jucaiyuan Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating research, development, production, sales, engineering and service for LED display screen. The company is located in Xuxingda Industrial Zone, Shiyan Town, Baoan District, covering an area of more than 4000 square meters. Main indoor and outdoor LED display screen, LED display module, and various supporting materials related to the LED display screen. It has domestic leading technology in small spacing LED display and outdoor full-color high-brightness display.

Our company produces indoor and outdoor display screens with uniform color, large viewing angle, low failure rate and easy maintenance. Compared with similar products, they are more energy-saving and have longer service life. The structure is reasonable and practical, suitable for installation and use in all regions at home and abroad, with stable quality and moderate price. Always from the customer's point of view, from a professional point of view to meet the various needs of customers. To maximize the interests of customers is the goal that Jucaiyuan people have been striving for.

The company's quality system is perfect, and has been certified as "ISO 9001, 3C, 14001, CE, RoSH, ZRX and other quality management systems". The company has obtained many patent certificates for the rationality and energy saving of LED display screen. The company has a high-quality and high-tech research team, equipped with the world's advanced level of scientific research, production, analysis, testing equipment, to create high-quality products, superior products and innovative products laid a solid foundation.

The company's main products are: PH1.8, PH2.5, PH3, PH4.75, PH4, PH5, PH5.0, PH6, PH7.62, PH8, PH10, PH13.33, PH16, PH20 and a series of indoor and outdoor, semi-outdoor, full-outdoor monochrome, full-color LED display. It has been recognized and praised by domestic and American, European, Japanese, Southeast Asia, Middle East and other countries.

From R&D, production, installation, commissioning and quality control to final confirmation of qualified factory, the company has formed a complete set of scientific quality management system, gathering colorful source people to strictly adhere to the enterprise management concept of "honesty, trustworthiness and innovation", and gradually build the company into a cross-industry, cross-regional and cross-international comprehensive management capability. Large enterprises. Thank you for your strong support and follow-up from both old and new customers. We also welcome people with common dreams to join us for common development, benefit sharing and brilliance.



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Address: 2 Floor, Building A5, Xuxing Da Industrial Park, Shiyan Street Island, Shenzhen

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